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Entry #16

Coe's Quest!

2016-02-13 18:30:52 by Sirschmoopy


It's been a long time for me since Unforgotten Realms. I have got together with some good guys over the last few years and have been working on a lot of cool fun projects. One of the projects I got to do was a return to animation comedy in our new show Coe's Quest. I hope you guys like it!



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2016-02-14 20:16:03

Newgrounds will DEFINITELY be my viewing platform of choice for this show.


2016-04-05 09:23:27

I can't believe you made this half assed series before doing UR justice. I don't know what happened to you, man. You got bitter as fuck and all these spin off series are just the animated equivalent of your circlejerk podcasts :/

I dunno maybe UR is just a tough act to follow


2016-06-29 01:25:39

Hey rob, I just wanted to say great job! Don't listen to what any asshole like dreaming-loudly says about this awesome little series. I really hope you continue this cool project alongside Coe and DB! I sure as hell would be a patron if I wasn't a broke student at the moment. But anyways, cheers to more amazing content and doing what you love!


2017-03-31 16:11:21

still watch your stuff after all these years dude, i think splash attack was my first favorite flash

Sirschmoopy responds:

Haha you came here from Kaptain's video didn't you!


2017-03-31 16:35:40

Haha yeah you caught me! That video got me so hype and nostalgic for this site, so happy to see it's already had such an amazing effect on such an important website and great community.